My Simulator so far - a quick update!

May 11, 2019

My Sidewalls including the Speaker Panels are ready!

At the very bottom there is my slider gallery with all pictures of this report for full screen presentation!

Sidewalls and Speaker Panels!

Here's a quick update about the present state of my simulator.

The Overhead Panel Frame is mounted, the Instructor Station is done. My Sidewalls and all adjacent panels are ready as well. I finished the Rudder Pedal Housing including the Crank as well. A detailed report will follow later this year. The main focus is working on my sim.

At the moment I'm working on all the trim parts left and right of the Overhead Panel and the Window trim parts. These are the last parts and will finally finish my shell construction.

The frame for the Visual is ready as well. More pictures to come in another report.

Stay tuned, and enjoy the pictures in the meantime ...

Enjoy my gallery!

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