Oxygen Mask Stowage Box and Mask!

December 17, 2017

I manufactured two Oxygen Mask Stowage Box Panels and Masks!

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Creating the box doors!

I started with drawing a plan and transferred the measurements to my PVC boards. I used 3 mm Polyvinylchloride and 1 mm Polystyrene to create the different layer. The 1 mm parts are for top and bottom layer. The 3 mm layer are used in the middle, helping to create the shape of the doors.

As you can see most of the parts were cut very roughly. After gluing the parts I applied filler to bring the doors into the right shape. I repeated the filling and sanding about five times. Then I was satisfied with the result.

To apply the filler and to check the proper rounding, I created a scraper in the correct shape. Very helpful. I think it would not have been possible to create the shapes that precisely without it!

The test and reset button is made of two layer of the 1 mm Polystyrene board. I used wooden toothpicks for the typically shape of the button. I cut the toothpicks into half, and glued them in place.

1 mm Polystyrene L-profile is used for the DZUS bar left and right of the doors! Finally, I prepared the surface with several layer of spray-filler for painting. Prior to painting I glued the doors together using some additional support bars. Some of them are removed later after painting. As you can see the backside of the boxes does not look really good; but hey - we are going to see the front only!!

Steps to create the dummy Oxygen Masks!

Parts for the Mask dummy!

1 mm and 3 mm are glued together. The 1 mm part is used for the outer side of the red handles. For easier sanding I screwed them together. Finally, I got them same similar size and shape. Later the holes were closed with filler. I recreated the shape of the handles to make them looking like the genuine ones. Luckily there are lot of pictures in the web!

I used an old wiring duct, two shells and a rope to create the next vital parts for the dummy masks. The rope is painted silver; the other parts are glued together and the backside is closed with some 1 mm Polystyrene. Finally, the parts were prepared for painting with some layer of spray-filler again!

Replica DZUS and Knobs were painted. The two little plastic tubes are glued to the electric wire in the next step.

I cut an old electric wire to the proper size, and put the parts together. A potentiometer axle is used to mount the knobs to the mask body. The electric wire is screwed to the mask body via the little tubes.

Finally, I applied a self-made printout to the mask body!

Final assembling of the parts!

Putting all together!

Putting all the parts together is the final step. I'm very satisfied with the result. Honestly: I never thought that they would look that close to the real thing!!

I need to print out another sticker for the test and reset button. But unfortunately my color printer is out of order ...

Enjoy my gallery!

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