Full Overhead Panel!

December 13, 2016

I picked up a full Overhead Panel and some Pedestal Panels!

At the very bottom there is my slider gallery with all pictures of this report for full screen presentation!

Frame with all CBs and panels!

All main panels and the CBs are available. Of course the blank panels will also be fitted in the Overhead panel once mounted in my simulator.

Again, I purchased the panels from United Asset Management. Many thanks goes to James and Clinton for their support!

  Here's a link to UAM

Of course the panels need some cleaning and refurbishment, as well as some conversion for their usage in my simulator. Luckily there are holidays ahead ;-)

Enjoy the pictures ...


Pedestal panels!

Radio panels and more ...

... for my pedestal. Luckily the wiring harness has been left in place in my pedestal. So I'm able to use the original Cannon plugs to connect my panels. Makes life a lot easier!

Rudder Trim Panel

The Door Lock Control / Passenger Signs Panel from back!

Evacuation panel!

I found a beautiful Evacuation panel on ebay for a reasonable price. It's from a B 777.

The same type of panel is used in the B 747-400 as well!

Enjoy my gallery!

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