Cleaning Overhead and A/T!

June 16, 2017

All my panels are clean now and the A/T motor is installed!

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Clean panels - mint condition!

Over the years all the panels became very dirty. So, I spent a lot of time and work cleaning them properly.

I took them apart and removed the knobs. The cleaning procedure was very time consuming but luckily very effective as well. My tools: some warm water, soap, a toothbrush and a kitchen roll. Now all panels are in mint condition.

Some lamps need to be replaced, but this is no problem. All necessary part numbers are printed on the backside of the light plates.

Enjoy the pictures ...

What a difference ... see the before and after shots! I'm very lucky with the result of the cleaning process!

Technical details!

Here are some pictures with more detailed views of switches, light plates, backpanels, parts and their part numbers.

Blank and dummy Cover Panels manufactured ...

... and ready for painting!

I manufactured the panels out of 1/16 inch thin PVC. All the necessary DZUS fasteners are - again - from a very nice seller on ebay!

  Here's the link: chisel-lips

One exception is the dummy ACARS printer. I used various strengths of PVC in order to get as near to the original as possible. .

Another exception: I happened to have some old 737 panels, I manufactured blank front panels to use them in my AFT Overhead. Just to fill the gaps. Not original, but it looks good.

ACARS printer handle!

The "U" handle No GN 425.1-AL-8-96-SW makes the ACARS printer dummy looking way more realistic.

  Here's the source (partners in US available): Ganter

The dummy is prepared to house the Brightek WH-E19 Thermal Printer in the future!

  Available here: Aviation Megastore

A/T motor installed!

DOGA 12 V DC Motor

I purchased a DOGA 12 V DC motor from Conrad. The motor is very rugged and silent, provides 0,20 Nm at 2000 rpm. The motor is also available in a 24 V version, if you prefer another voltage.

The 12 V version provides enough power to drive all four levers even in vertical position of the TQ pedestal. I tried this setup while installing the motor.

  Motor and datasheet available here: Conrad

I had to shorten the shaft to perfect fit to the TQ with all my other components listed below.

15 Teeth Gear

For a proper connection of my motor to the A/T Servomotor and Brake Assembly of my TQ pedestal, I had to find a suitable gear with 15 teeth. Luckily, I found one in a Swiss RC Helicopter shop.

The name of the gear is: Rhino Gear Ultra Hardened Steel Pinions - 0.7M 15T 6mm - T-REX 600.

  Here's the shop:

Again, I had to mill the gear to fit to the genuine connector of the A/T Assembly of my TQ.

Short Oldham Type Coupling

As the DOGA motor and the Gear has different shaft sizes (8 and 6 mm) and to make the transmission free of any alignment problems, I decided to go for a Short Oldham Type Coupling.

  Here's the product link and information: MISUMI

It is very compact and fits perfectly in my setup.

Below you see the motor and the drive gear connected with the coupling. The right picture shows the genuine receptacle of the A/T Servomotor and Brake Assembly.

Inside the Gearbox

I removed the cover of the Gearbox to check for proper lubrication. Power transmission is done via a worm gear. The worm gear itself is driven by another small to large gear ratio. The gear ratio in combination with the 2000 rpm of the DOGA motor moves the levers very realistically!

Motor Mounting Plate

I had to build a Mounting Plate for my motor. It has been milled out of Aluminum. In combination with the distance ring, everything came together perfectly and my DOGA motor assembly was ready to go into my TQ!

Installed ...

... and mission accomplished!

Enjoy my gallery!

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